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Sheraton Hotel

Sheraton Vitória Hotel’s stunning oceanfront location in Praia do Canto, one of most popular areas of the city. Within a short distance are spectacular beaches, renowned attractions, and numerous shopping, dining, and nightlife options.
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With an ever-innovating concept, Senac Ilha do Boi is a hotel-school that differentiates from other hotels for having education as its ultimate goal. Once there, you have the feeling that each smallest detail has been planned to offer exclusive services - and it truly has - since the hotel offers a modern infrastructure that allows unique education, either in tourism or in gastronomy. The result couldn't be better: Senac Ilha do Boi is a benchmark in tourism and hospitality in Latin America.
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Restaurant serving brazilian and international food with an excellent wine list.

Lareira Portuguesa

Portuguese food centered on the Bacalhau (salted cod).

Minuano Churrascaria

An experienced restaurant in brazilian-style barbecue.

Spaghetti & Cia

An excellent restaurant offering all sorts of Italian-inspired dishes.

Shopping Vitòria

Vitoria's central mall, steps away from the main hotels and docks.

Kayak and Sailing Boat

The kayak is a wonderful sport choice that improves quality of life and your physical health. You can enjoy a peaceful ride and have fun with all your family. The sailing boat is for those who like to feel the sea wind and can be enjoyed with family and friends.

Stand-up Paddle

The Stand-up paddle has grown fast in Vitória, having a lot of adepts in the local people. It’s a fun way to exercise but don’t forget about the sunblock!

Go for a Walk

Waking through Camburi Bay is a good choice for someone who wants to exercise the body and enjoy a really beautiful landscape. On Sundays, the main avenue is closed to cars and public transportation, allowing people to enjoy the bay with family and friends.

Praia da Costa Mall

Another big mall located in Vila Velha, just across the main bridge from Vitória.


The capital of Espírito Santo state, Vitória is a friendly city that can be enjoyed by any person, including families and anglers looking for adventure. The city is an island and it’s possible to go around it in 1 hour with a speedboat.


It’s the main tourist city in Espírito Santo. The natural landscape of the city attracts travelers from all around the world. In the summer, generally at least 700 000 tourists are estimated in the city.

Pedra Azul

It’s one of the most beautiful postcards of the state. The region attracts a lot of tourists, including many residents of Vitória, because of the chill mountain weather and the best hotels in Espírito Santo.

Vila de Itaunas

Located in the north of the state, Itaunas is nationally recognized as the capital of the Forró, a typical Brazilian music and dance style. The town has beautiful sand dunes, stunning beaches and a river that cuts through the town. It’s a place that you can’t miss.

Vila Velha

Vila Velha city is located only 2 miles from Vitória, the capital of the state, and borders Guarapari city. With 20 miles of coastline, the city holds beautiful beaches that are an important icon for tourism and the state landscape. The city is also recognized by the good gastronomy.

Garoto Chocolate Factory

Located in Vila Velha, the Garoto Factory is one of the 10 biggest chocolate factories in the world and it’s the biggest in South America. The company has a portfolio with approximately 70 products and it’s the second brand with highest chocolate sales in Brazil, with 22,8% market share in 2014.

Catedral de Vitòria

The Cathedral was built almost in the same place of the old Cathedral demolished in the beginning of the century. The new construction began in 1920 and it was concluded in the 1970s.

Palàcio Anchieta

Palácio Ancheta is the head office of the executive state power. The place is located in front of the port of Vitória, in the entrance of Cidade Alta, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city.

Railroad Museum

The Railroad Museum of Vale offers an opportunity to learn about the history of Brazilian railroads. There are trains to visit, pieces of old technology and a fun miniature railroad.

Carlos Gomes Theater

The Carlos Gomes Theater was inspired in the Scala Theater of Milan (Italy). It was designed by the italian architect André Carloni.

Convento da Penha

The Convento da Penha is one of the oldest holy sites in Brazil, located in the city of Vila Velha.It’s a church situated in the top of a hill, at an altitude of 154 meters. It was built near the year 1558, by order of Brother Pedro Palácios.

Basìlica de Santo Antônio

Located in one of the traditional neighborhoods in Vitória, the sanctuary of Santo Antonio was built in the sixties and the architecture was based in the Italian temples of the 16th century. Part of the city heritage, the monument has three domes and a stunning view of Vitoria’s bay.