Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Fishing. What an amazing and very relaxing sport. Can be practiced by adults to children’s, and, it is fun guaranteed for the entire family. Despite all that, there are many people, who wants to practice this sport, but don’t know how or sometimes, don’t know what to do. Well, luckily, Marlin Brazil will help you. Marlin Brazil offers many deep see fishing charters and packages.

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Let’s start by saying that open sea sport fishing is very popular around the globe. Many people practice this sport, and there are many competitions about it. First thing you need to worry about open sea fishing is, the equipment. You need to buy a special rod for this kind of fishing. Not just any rod, but one that can take big fishes, because that’s what you going to fish. Also other thing, like bait, line and hooks. And yeah, that’s right, we said big fishes, like: blue marlin, white marlin and black marlin. Imagine you fishing a 120kg marlin. Pretty exciting, isn’t it? But you need not worry because Marlin Brazil is ready to accommodate you and provide you with everything you need in order to make your open sea fishing trip a success.

What you should know about our deep sea fishing charters. As mentioned before, it is an open sea sport fishing trip, so you need something to get you there, to the open sea. The best way to go it is on our charter boat. You will have our luxury boats to spend the day with you family.

With Marlin Brazil deep-sea fishing is not complicated. But you are probably wondering how Marlin Brazil could help you, right? Marlin Brazil has the most prepared crew for the open sea fishing job and also has the most advanced boats and speedboats for you. With Marlin Brazil, it is sure that you will have a great time with your friends and family. Captain Leonardo Menezes can assure you will have the time of your life.

About Marlin Brazil and Vitória


Marlin Brazil is located in and departs from our port in Vitória, ES. The city is self-declared Marlin Capital of the World with good reason. Vitória has many World records, and holds the first sport for the largest Atlantic Blue Marlin with 1402 lbs in 1992. Vitória also holds the record for the largest White Marlin ever caught! With 181 lbs in 1979. Isnt’t that worthy of the title, Marlin Capital of the World?!
The most proliferous fishing spot in Vitória is only 1 hour away from the port! With Marlin Brazil, you won’t spend the entire day traveling to and from the fishing spot and you can spend your time fishing. With all of that being said Vitória has the best sport fishing infrastructure in Brazil. There are many daily flights in the city, 4 and 5 star hotels, and all located within minutes of our port.