Blue Marlin Fishing Charters

Blue Marlin Fishing Charters

Fishing may not be for everybody. Some people thinks it is boring and dull. But blue marling fishing is far from it! It is exciting and fun, it’s a kind of fishing that is famous worldwide. And with Marlin Brazil you don’t have to worry about a thing! Just get up and ready for an awesome day out fishing with our blue marling fishing charter packages. Just to get an idea, departing from Vitoria, ES we are in the marlin capital of the world and can truly offer you the best marlin fishing there is!

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Marlin sport fishing consists of fishing to catch the blue marlin, white marlin or the black marlin. The main goal it’s to capture and then release back to the ocean this beautiful fish. Many fishermen around the globe consider these a real trophy catch. It is really difficult, but when you do fish one of these marlins, all of the effort and hard work is rewarded. These species of fish, can only be captured in high seas or open sea. So, you’re probably wondering: how am I gonna get there? Don’t worry, Marlin Brazil will help you.

Marlin Brazil, has many packages of fishing charters, appropriated to take you exactly where the action is. Captain Leonardo Menezes, guarantees you: “everybody who enjoys fishing, will have the time of their life. I can recall the satisfaction of almost all of my clients who caught a blue marlin, white marlin or black marlin. It was priceless.”

Marlin Brazil has boats for everyone. You can hire a fishing charter and get our captain to take you to the perfect spot. This might be the best marling fishing experience you’ve ever had!

With our company you will have unforgettable experiences, we can make sure of that. So, if you are a fishing aficionado like us, don’t waste your time looking. We have the best chatters, the best boats, the most prepared captains and bests ways to pay. Come with Marlin Brazil!

About Vitória, ES Brazil

Blue Marlin Fishing Charters VitoriaMarlin Brazil is located and fishes out of Vitória, ES. The self declared Marlin Capital of the World. Self proclaimed with good reason. Vitória not only holds numerous World records, but still holds the number 1 largest Atlantic Blue Marlin World record (1402 lbs, 1992). And also the number 1 largest White Marlin World record (181 lbs, 1979).
The high sea fishing point is a mere 1 hour away from the bay in Vitória! So with a Marlin Brazil fishing charter, you spend most of your time fishing, and not riding to the fishing spot! Not to mention Vitória has the best sport fishing infrastructure in Brazil. With plenty of daily flights in and out of Vitória, 4 and 5 star hotels, and all located within minutes of our port of call.